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Using The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics in the classroom

The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics is a powerful classroom teaching tool. It can be used to give an overview of a complex topic, to provide context for a case study, or to offer a starting point for further research.

‘What your superb work has made possible for me is to create a coursepack for a course on economic theory I have developed...I congratulate you and everyone who contributed to this towering achievement. The word “dictionary” doesn't begin to describe it. Summa Economica would have come closer!’ – Winifred B. Rothenberg, Department of Economics, Tufts University, USA

Example 1

Direct your students to this Topical Insight piece on bailouts by Professor Lawrence H. Officer from University of Illinois at Chicago, USA, to help them understand the advantages, disadvantages and alternatives to bailouts. They can then use the links within the piece to find relevant entries within the Dictionary and further their understanding.

Example 2

Encourage your students to further their understanding of key economists by encouraging them to browse the range of biographical articles.

We welcome suggestions and comments from educators on ways in which specific Dictionary articles can support learning, please contact us with your ideas.