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Short films from the 2011 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Economic Sciences

Palgrave Macmillan this year attended the 4th Meeting of Economic Sciences at Lindau to meet and record conversations with Laureates and young economists.

Here we are proud to present a short film exploring the origins of the Economic Sciences meeting, alongside 2 interview-based films exploring the intellectual contribution of behavioral economics and offering new perspectives on the causes of the financial crisis. The interviews in this film are unique and offer cogent and informative comment about the current economic crisis from key figures in economics.

Laureates on the Economic Crisis

The global economic crisis triggered by the 2008 collapse of the US housing market has forced economists to re-examine the models used by policy makers and central bankers to guide macroeconomic policy, as well as those used in the banks and other financial institutions to manage risk. This short film, shot on location at the 2011 Lindau Meeting in the Economic Sciences and featuring interviews with young researchers and with Laureates Stiglitz, Pissarides, Mundell, McFadden, and Myerson, presents fresh perspectives on the major causes of the crisis as well as its effect on economic research.



Behavioral Economics and the Changing Profession

Behavioral economics has been a thriving area of research for some time, but the current economic crisis has brought many of the core ideas of the subject, such as crowd behavior and rationality, to the fore. In this provocative short film, Laureates and young researchers at the 2011 Lindau Meeting in the Economic Sciences discuss the intellectual contribution of behavioral economics, examine its place within the discipline of economics, and discuss where it must go in order to have a future. On the theme of scientific progress, the film closes with some lively discussion on the openness of the field to the influence of other social sciences. Featuring Laureates Akerlof, Aumann, Maskin, McFadden, and Phelps.



Introducing The 4th Meeting of Economic Sciences at Lindau

Exploring the 'special energy' of the scientific meetings in Lindau as well as the origins of the Economic Sciences meeting, this film presents an overview of the 2011 Lindau Meeting in the Economic Sciences and includes on location interviews with Laureates, young researchers, and founder Wolfgang Schürer. Held in the midst of the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression, the 2011 meeting afforded an amazing opportunity for intergenerational dialogue on the most pressing issues in the world today.



Lectures from the 2011 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Economic Sciences

From August 23 - 27, 2011, 17 Economics Laureates and 373 young economists from 65 countries met at Lindau (Germany) to exchange ideas, discuss the state of their discipline and build international networks. This was the 4th Meeting of the Winners of the Sverige Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel.

You can view lectures from the meeting below. Additional films of lectures recorded at the 2011 Economics Meeting lectures can be viewed by visiting the Lindau Mediatheque.

Read more about Palgrave Macmillan's partnership with the Foundation Lindau Nobelprizewinners Meetings.

24 August 2011 - DAY 1

Panel Discussion, 2011

Christopher Pissarides, 2011
The Future of Work in Europe

Peter Diamond, 2011
Search and Macro

Meeting - 4th Meeting in Economic Sciences, 2011

25 August 2011 - DAY 2

Panel Discussion, 2011

Dr. Robert A. Mundell, 2011
Currency Wars, Euro-Mania and the Price of Gold

Edward Prescott, 2011
The Current State of Aggregate Economics

Sir James Mirrlees, 2011
Poverty, Inequality and Food

William Sharpe, 2011
Post-Retirement Economics

Myron Scholes, 2011
Quantitative Finance and the Intermediation Process

26 August 2011 - DAY 3

Panel Discussion, 2011

Dr. Reinhard Selten, 2011
Reaching Good Decisions without Utility and Probability Judgements - The Approach of Bounded Rationality

Dr. Roger B. Myerson, 2011
A Model of Moral-Hazard Credit Cycles

Dr. Joseph E. Stiglitz, 2011
Imagining an Economics that Works: Crisis, Contagion and the Need for a New Paradigm

Dr. Edmund S. Phelps, 2011
Modeling Corporatist Economies of the West and Those of North Africa

Dr. Eric S. Maskin, 2011
Elections and Strategic Voting: Condorcet and Borda

Dr. George A. Akerlof, 2011
Identity Economics

Dr. Daniel L. McFadden, 2011
Sick Insurance: Adverse Selection and Regulation of Health Insurance Markets

27 August 2011 - DAY 4

Panel Discussion at University of St. Gallen, 2011