1. Viewing the dictionary and resources

The Dictionary Home page is your starting point for accessing the content of the dictionary.

The Dictionary navigation bar is present on all "Dictionary" pages. From here, you can carry out searches or list the articles alphabetically or by topic. You can also view the list of contributors. Registered users can also enter My Dictionary from the Dictionary navigation bar.

For details of searching and browsing options, see Help finding Articles.

The Resources site is there to help you get more from the Dictionary. Use the "Resources" tab to find news, reviews promotional material and teaching resources. Use the "Dictionary" tab to return to the Dictionary site.

2. Subscriptions and registration

You can browse and search the site without a subscription. To view the full article contents, you need to be a subscriber. If you're not logged in to a subscription, you will see only a limited article preview.

Non-subscribers can view the full article contents of the Sample Article.

You also need to be logged into your subscription to use My Dictionary. If your subscription is through an organisation, you additionally need to register and log in to an individual My Dictionary account.

3. Essential information about using this site

Here are some things you should be aware of, particularly if you're having problems: